About Us

We are a contemporary clothing brand known for its trend-driven styles with Affordable prices. Drawing Inspiration from not only recent trends but also from day to day work lives. We offer well curated range of Fashion from street style to Runway


We Aim to inspire women to build confidence, love themselves and encourage them to reinvent their styles through Fashion.


We wish to provide and enjoyable shopping experience for all our customers.

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Our Mission

The mission of our brand Is to bring inspiration and innovation in sustainable fashion.
Each decision we make is a symbol of our commitment towards our customers and
Our customers are the reason and inspiration for everything we do.

Our vision

“The vision behind our brand is to introduce people to the beneficial world of
sustainable fashion. We try our best that people make more conscious choices with
regards to their wardrobes.
Our goal is to incorporate smart wardrobe so that people can be more aware and
start small. We feel our consumers are becoming more conscious of their
surroundings and choices. Which helps us in promoting sustainable fashion
PS The Design House is a mix of different elements such as style, comfort,
sustainability, design and quality”